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If you are looking for design a website for your small business, church, band or podcast, look no further. I have been building websites using WordPress since 2010. I will work with you to build a public Internet presence that will attract your target audience with a modern website and Search Engine Optimization.

If you are interested in starting the process, please fill out the following form to help you think about what you want and to help me know what you are looking for.

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Save Time and Money

Choosing a Theme

You can expatiate the process of building your website by having a WordPress theme already picked out. A theme is the general look and framework of your website. Having this picked out already will save you time and billable hours in the design process. Once a theme is chosen, the design process will go very quickly.

You can find quality WordPress themes at the following sites.



Premium Themes

Domain Name

The next thing you need, if you don’t already have one, is a domain name. A domain name is what you see in the address bar of your web browser ( There are many extension options available for domain names, so if your .com is unavailable you could also use .net, .org, etc.

$2.99 .Com at GoDaddy!

Web Hosting

Web hosting means the website that actually hosts the WordPress software for your website. You can often bundle domain names and web hosting for a discounted price.

$2.99 .Com at GoDaddy!





Charlotte Assembly of God

Untitled-1I have had the incredible honor of being asked to completely rebuild our church’s website. Charlotte Assembly of God‘s old website was a mismatch of pages that had no consistency in theme or appearance and full of out dated information. Now they have a beautiful website with a modern theme for the entire site. We have added videos, event pages, weekly podcasts and integrated social media. They chose to use the Risen theme by ThemeForest which is a a mobile-friendly responsive design with support for multiple locations, staff profiles and church news.

If your church or ministry is ready to update or start it’s online presence, contact me today.

1625612_10154056915760413_596141143_nWe are really enjoying our new website! We love the clean crisp look of it as well as the functionality and flexibility of it. The process of building the site was fairly painless (coming from a non techy). As with any new endeavor, there were a few bugs to be worked out along the way but with Brian’s help, we were up and running much sooner than I anticipated.

Thanks Brian!

Sheri Whitaker

Charlotte Assembly of God’s Men’s Ministry

Men's MinistryI also have the privilege of building our new men’s ministry site. This site is full of social media integration, search engine optimization and recurring event listings.

Derek Rishel“Brian Caruthers has been an invaluable asset assisting me with the task of developing a means of marketing and communication for the Men’s Ministry I am leading.  Initially Brian shared insight into the most efficient means of communication, providing me with a comparative analysis of a web page located on our Church’s existing website or purchasing a WordPress theme and creating our own web page.  He walked me through the pros and cons of each option.  Once I made my decision and provided Brian with the WordPress theme he expertly created our webpage.  His response and turnaround time have been timely, and his suggestions have been well thought out and informative.   Our webpage is currently under construction as Brian is awaiting me to provide him with some additional content.  He is then going to assist me in creating and then linking our webpage communication to addition avenues of social media including Facebook and Twitter.  Brian helped me navigate waters I am completely unfamiliar with and he has my recommendation and gratitude.

Thank you Brian,”

Derek Rishel

Rodgers Roost

Untitled-1Rodgers Roost is a bed and breakfast in Johannesburg Michigan. They were originally using’s web hosting which is antiquated and has poor support. I was able to rebuild them a new site with a custom background to match the wood paneling in their B and B. They also have better hosting, custom email and 24-7 web hosting service.

Pro Metal Roofs

Untitled-1Pro Metal Roofs is a private contractor specializing in metal roofing. This is their first website, so we started from scratch. The content of the site is a work in progress, but it built to be mobile friendly and to give lots of great photographic examples of the business owners work.

The P B and J Network

The P B and J Network is a network of podcasts that I produce. I built this website as an alternative to the three individual podcast websites I was maintaining. This website is built using the Mystique WordPress theme and utilizes plugins such as All in One SEO PackBlubrry PowerPressJetpack and SpeakPipe.

You can be blogging or podcasting today.


Website Design

Website Design

Website Design