What’s In My Man Bag?

Man BagYeah, that’s right, I carry a “man bag.” Technically, a messenger bag. You got a problem with that? I’m not trying to be a hipster or fashionable. I carry my bag for the same reason women carry purses, because there’s crap I wanna carry around.

There are certain items that I like to have with me, and ya can’t wear cargo pants everyday, right? I don’t think I need to justify my satchel choices anymore than that, but if you need further evidence that it’s a good idea to carry, I submit the following bad ass examples:


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So here is a list of all of the stuff that I carry around with me in my Ultra Manly, Testosterone Infused Messenger Bag:



  • Bible – Yes, call me a corny, but I believe that a man needs to carry his Sword everywhere.
  • Camcorder – Because Bigfoot is out there.
  • Glucometer – My son is diabetic. It’s nice to have a backup.
  • Pens and Highlighters – It’s OK to write in your Bible.
  • Tylenol – Don’t have time for headaches.
  • Vitamins – Because I’m old.
  • Deodorant – For your benefit. You’re welcome.
  • Grooming Kit – My lady doesn’t like long fingernails or random facial hair.
  • Visine Allergy Drops – I like to see.
  • Flashlight – Again, I like to see.
  • Multi-tool – Be prepared.
  • Zippo – Fire doesn’t start itself.
  • Business Cards – Because people have horrible memories.
  • Phone Charger – Usually others use it more than me. (Not shown)
  • Ipod Charger – I’m a podcast junkie. (Not shown)

So there it is. Guys, you know there are things that you would like to carry around but don’t have enough pockets and you know you’d be even less manly if you put things in your wife’s purse. Here’s a good place to start looking for your first man bag. (Affiliate)

Website Development Team Recruiting Video

Website Development Team Recruiting Video

Website Development Team Recruiting Video

Website Development Team Recruiting Video

Here is a video that I created for our church’s ministry fair to recruit volunteers for our Website Development Team. I hope this gives you some ideas to create your own. Enjoy.




Website Development Team Recruiting Video from Brian Caruthers on Vimeo.

People are hurting. People are lost. 80,000 unchurched in Eaton County alone. What can we do? Reach them where they are. 34% of the world’s population has internet access in their homes. That’s over 2.4 billion people. How many of those have never heard the name of Jesus? As a part of the Website Development team, you will be a key part of spreading the message of Jesus to Charlotte, Eaton County, and the entire world. Through the use of podcasting, blog posts and social media, we will be reaching those who are searching the internet for a light in the dark. We are looking for people of all backgrounds who can take a picture, shoot a video, click a mouse, or listen to audio. It’s really that easy. If you can take a selfie, you can take photos for the website. If you can take video of your baby, you can shoot video for the website. If you can work a keyboard, you can build a web page for the website. If you can play an mp3, you can edit an audio sermon for the church’s podcast. The church’s website will also be an important part of life here at C. A. G. It is the hub for church schedules, upcoming events, online giving, contact information, study resources, and much more. The really great thing about the Website Development team is that you can target a certain demographic based on location, age, gender, interest, or anything you want, but in the end, it’s really a world wide ministry. Another great thing about the Website Development team is the amount of service opportunities we will have. We will be serving every ministry within our church that wants an internet presence, and every ministry in our church would benefit from a strong internet presence. You would be learning valuable skills and serving the greatest number of people possible if you were to join up with the Website Development team.