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Certain stories come into your life, and because of the way they come, or the timing of the moment, or because of what they speak to you when they do arrive, they become a part of your soul-library—books that both shape and reflect who you are as a man. One of those stories for me is Norman Maclean’s A River … Read More

BrianWe Must Be | Ransomed Heart Ministries

From Resolution to Lifestyle

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It’s that time of year again. When we look back at the past year and list all of the regrets, and resolve to “be a better person” by either not doing the bad stuff or doing more of the good stuff. Loosing weight is probably the biggest one. There is so much pressure from the media, your doctor, and family … Read More

BrianFrom Resolution to Lifestyle

Send Your Name To Mars

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I just sent my name to fly on Orion’s flight test, scheduled to launch Dec. 4 – 6, 2014! Orion is NASA’s new spacecraft that will carry humans into deep space. View My Boarding Pass: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=408440 Get Your Own Boarding Pass On NASA’s #JourneyToMars ! Send your name here: http://go.usa.gov/vcpz

BrianSend Your Name To Mars

Mr Lunt in How to Train Your Dragon 2?

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Easter Egg! Mr Lunt Train Dragon 2 I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 tonight and I think I might have seen a little nod to VeggieTales Mr. Lunt. If you saw it too, please leave a comment below. Mr Lunt Train Dragon 2   Update: Now that the movie has been released to DVD, I was able to … Read More

BrianMr Lunt in How to Train Your Dragon 2?

What’s In My Man Bag?

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Yeah, that’s right, I carry a “man bag.” Technically, a messenger bag. You got a problem with that? I’m not trying to be a hipster or fashionable. I carry my bag for the same reason women carry purses, because there’s crap I wanna carry around. There are certain items that I like to have with me, and ya can’t wear … Read More

BrianWhat’s In My Man Bag?

Why Rory Williams Is The Man

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Rory Williams

Rory Williams is THE MAN!  I know you’re probably thinking, “Who?” And I would say you’re half right. (this is where you would hear a snare drum “rim shot” in your head.) Rory Williams is a character in the BBC television series Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Arthur Darvill. When he is introduced in the show, he is the boyfriend of Amy … Read More

BrianWhy Rory Williams Is The Man

The Value of Audio Books

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I, like so many others, want to read more. I know the value of reading, the passing on of wisdom, insight and knowledge. Immersing yourself in a story and losing track of time. I don’t think anybody would argue that reading is a waste of time or has no value. The problem is, where will you find the time? You … Read More

BrianThe Value of Audio Books