All Things New by John Eldredge [Book Review]

All Things New

I am thrilled to have been given the chance to read my very first prerelease book in order to give a review of it. I am even more thrilled to have that book be written by my favorite author. All Things New by John Eldredge is, in a nutshell, a book about hope.

This book doesn’t only challenge our idea of what our life with Christ will be in the hereafter, it completely shatters and corrects our paradigm of how we will spend eternity. It offers us the hope that is promised in scripture and strips away the false idea of what Heaven will be like that so many simply find unappealing and boring.


Through a careful study of scripture referring to the return of Christ and His kingdom, Eldredge explains how “the renewal of all things” in Matthew 19:28 is the promise to get everything back. Everything that we love about this world, only how our Creator intended it.

In my reading of John Eldredge’s books and hearing him speak, I have found that through an epic view of God’s Word, the world we live in and the human heart, Mr. Eldredge can draw knowledge from scripture and nature that brings a new awakening to how we were created and how we relate to God and to ourselves.


This book is written with a tone of the excitement of new insight to what God has had in store for us all along. We were meant to spend eternity with Him in wonder and adventure. Not sitting on clouds playing harps for countless millennia.

All Things New by John Eldredge filled me with a new and greater hope for the coming kingdom. To think that this entire planet will be completely remade the way that God had first intended it to be. Full of life, love, adventure, peace. With unfettered fellowship amongst old friends and family. To have my favorite dog back that I lost to leukemia, renewed to the strong and powerful companion that he was always meant to be. Leaving behind things like pain, illness, fatigue, injury, and death. An eternity where Christ Himself wipes away our tears and walks among us as our friend and intimate Lord.

The Hope of Unending Joy

This book was written in such an easy to understand format and in a voice of such enthusiasm that it was difficult not to get excited about things like unending conversations with friends sitting on a wilderness porch under an unfiltered sky that unveils the whole of the created universe. Or skydiving without a parachute, deep sea diving without scuba equipment and riding bareback on killer whales. Reaching out and exploring the entire heavens in person without being limited to a telescope. Or, just sitting with Jesus and hearing Him tell stories and sharing long loving hugs. Does that sound like the Heaven you were brought to believe in?

I would recommend this book to anyone who is longing for hope. Anyone who is seeking truth in what God promises us. Anyone who has said that Heaven sounds boring. All Things New by John Eldredge is just that, Hope.