Day 1 – My 500 Words

Day 1 – My 500 Words: So here’s the challenge, to write 500 words a day for thirty-one days. The purpose is to become a more consistent writer/blogger. Coincidentally, I want to become a more consistent writer/blogger, so I suppose this challenge is perfect for me. Brian Caruthers

This challenge is coordinated by Jeff Goins. He’s a writer/podcaster that writes about writing. He’s a fairly young guy that has been very successful as he has helped thousands of people with their writing. Brian Caruthers

I have been trying for a while now to develop a consistent writing habit, but I’ll be honest. I’m lazy. THAT’S what I need to change. I know that God can use me and that he has put a passion to be a writer in me, but I have so much negative programming from my past. My family members have driven each other down for decades based on their own unwillingness to step out and attempt something outside the box. Ok, this is quickly turning into a pity party. Time to change tracks. Brian Caruthers

The Challenge

Just write 500 words for 31 days in a row. That’s it. They don’t have to be gold. They don’t have to be anything that I want the world to see. Just write damn it! I found a WordPress plugin that allows me to add posts to my blog without them showing up on my site. You simply create a category for the posts and specify that category in the plugin settings and those posts won’t show up on your blog to anyone who is visiting your site. The post can still be found if they have a link or in Google search, but they don’t mar the look of your blog by appearing with your best content. Not that I have any “best” content. I chose a category called “Exclude” for my random stuff not to show up on my homepage. Brian Caruthers

Another thing about this challenge, I don’t plan on spending any time on SEO, images, or any of the other bells and whistles that take a lot of time in my blogging. I might come up with a featured image to tack on to all of these posts, but that’s as far as I’m planning on going. Brian Caruthers

I also need to work on cutting down on the editing while I’m writing. I use Grammarly and it catches most of the mistakes I make. Right now I’m looking at a big red circle with the number 17 in it in the bottom right corner of my typing area and it’s driving me insane. I’ll get over it though. I know it’s what I have to do to be a better writer. Brian Caruthers

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and I couldn’t care less. I have made a conscious decision not to call myself a sports fan. I realized that I just don’t care enough to pretend I care. I was such a burden to pretend that I cared about sports. I enjoy watching baseball, but that really only extends to our local minor league team and mostly because it’s a cheap and fun way to spend the day with my wife and son. Brian Caruthers

Well, I hit my 500 words. Now, I’ll go back and clear up all that red Grammarly “blood” and post it. Brian Caruthers

Thanks for reading my crappy words. Brian Caruthers

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