Day 2 – My 500 Words

Day 2 – My 500 Words

I have a problem. I have a habit that I am constantly trying to stop practicing. This terrible practice is a guilty pleasure, of course, but it’s one that I spend way too much time on and is not a positive influence on the loving, caring person I want to be. When I indulge in this nasty habit, I become more cynical and start having a much more negative outlook on the world and the great people in it. I just can’t seem to help myself. It’s so powerful. It just draws me in. And it’s SO easy to access. Brian Caruthers

My horrible habit is social politics. You know, Right vs. Left, conservative vs. liberal, common sense vs. insanity. I scroll through Facebook and Twitter just like everyone else. The problem is that I follow some great conservative thinkers on these platforms. Lately, the biggest influencer is Ben Schapiro. These like-minded men and women are great and I have no problem with them. The problem is that they also post articles and retweets from websites and individuals who think diametrically opposite from myself. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not afraid of an opposing point of view. I even welcome a civil conversation with someone who doesn’t share my views. The problem is that my conservative friends like to share views that seem so far-fetched that they almost appear to be fiction. Brian Caruthers

The most recent example is that of a female rabbi who claims that the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden is the first example of #MeToo. Her claim is that Eve was walking around the garden, happy and naked, when she became hungry. Seeing a beautiful piece of fruit on a tree, she took it and ate it. Then this male deity came down and put a curse on her and forced her to wear dead animals. Brian Caruthers

Stories like this give me a glimpse of how fast our society is circling the drain. My motivation is to speak out against voices like this, that truth may be spoken into the world. I truly am concerned with the moral decline of our world’s society. Brian Caruthers

The problem for me is that I don’t feel that this is God’s calling on me. I am very passionate about reaching people with a voice of truth, love, and reason in this chaotic world of people wanting to make policy based on how they feel about a topic today. But, I feel that God is leading me to be a voice to speak on “Christianity, Masculinity, and Leadership.” These three areas are ones that I feel God has been speaking into me for quite a while now. It all started about eighteen years ago when I first read Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.

When I get sucked into a cycle of searching out the alt-left’s unbelievable claims and demands, I lose all sense of my calling and just want to take out my “truth stick” and just start swinging. But again, that’s not who God wants me to be. He wants me to be a calm voice for Him and His Word. A voice that says “I understand that you’re hurting and have questions about why God made things the way He did. Let’s go to His Word together and figure out what He says about it.” Brian Caruthers

What’s frustrating to me is that the path He set me on is such a slow one. Men are not seeking out God. They are not seeking out who they were created to be. They just don’t seem to care. The result is that the platform that God put me on doesn’t have anyone standing in front of it listening. Even having someone arguing with me would be some sort of interaction. But this is just me having a pity party. Brian Caruthers

My task is to stay on task. Keep writing. Keep listening to God through His Word and through prayer. Ask Him what my message should be and speak that out. Love those visit my platform with a listening ear and those with a yelling voice. It’s not my job to shake my finger at the world and expect them to act like Christians. They’re not Christians. This world does live for Christ. But there are those who do. And there are those who are seeking truth in a deluge of feelings based opinion. Those are the ones I have been charged with. It’s my job to reach out to them and tell them that Christ died for them and can save them. Brian Caruthers