The Elevator Pitch – Day 1 – 31 Days To Build A Better Blog

The Challenge

Today I am starting the The Elevator Pitch31 Days To Build A Better Blog challenge. I am hoping to build my blogging skills, improve my website and build a habit of blogging that will allow me to start blogging a minimum of once a week to start and building to posting three to five times a week. The challenge comes from a podcast and book by Darren Rowse who blogs about blogging at

The challenge for today is to create an elevator pitch for your blog. An elevator pitch is a description of your work that you can pitch to someone in the time it takes to ride about 5 floors in an elevator. It’s not intended to be an exhaustive description of your entire work, just enough to build enough interest for the person to start asking questions.

About My Writing

While listening to episode 193 of the ProBlogger podcast, I heard an incredibly encouraging bit of advice from the guest, Kelly Exeter.

Let yourself write crappy words.

The point is that I need to stop editing myself while I’m writing. I have Spellcheck, Grammarly, and my incredible wife for that. I just need to focus on getting words on the screen. This is going to help me in my writing process. I spend way too much time second guessing myself and editing every single word as I’m writing.

The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch
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Hello, my name is Brian and I write a blog about Christianity, Masculinity, and Leadership. I like to think that I’m a disruptor of people’s misinformed beliefs about who Christ is and how that affects our relationship with Him.