I would love to review your book on my website. If you’re interested please fill out the form below to provide some information about your book. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I will only be able to review a book in its audiobook format, which you will be expected to provide.

Book review criteria:

  • The book must be in audiobook format provided by the author. The book can be in downloadable mp3 or a link to the book from Audible, Hoopla, or Overdrive.
  • I prefer fictional books in the Science-Fiction, Fantasy, or Sherlockian Detective genres. Also non-fiction books in the writing or Christian Living genres.
  • Please, absolutely no Young Adult fiction. I know this will greatly diminish the number of submissions, but it’s a genre I could never appreciate. It’s not you, It’s me.
  • I will provide a completely honest review of your book. Be prepared. You may not like what you get.
  • I will offer no timeline on when your review will be finished. I may get swamped with submissions, so I can’t make any promises.