Ian Batts and his little brother were raised by a single mother after being abandoned by their father at a very young age. This abandonment causes a deep father wound in Ian, making him doubt himself in everything he did.

At the age of sixteen, Ian suffered a freak head trauma. Along with subsequent medical treatment, this bestowed Ian with an amazing ability, although he lacked the confidence and the guidance to pursue the use of this new talent.

The Grey is the tale of a lost young man put in the position of no longer being able to ignore his special ability to protect his family and the neighborhood he grew up in from a new and dangerous street gang, and the sinister powers behind them.

A Sneak Peek At The Beginning Of The Book

Although there were a few things in Ian’s bedroom, he had difficulty finding his alarm clock when it first went off. He thought about getting around to nailing it to the dresser. After he found it next to the bathroom door, he turned it off and puts it back on the dresser where it belonged. It was time to get ready for work. Even though Ian had been getting up for work at 4:30 am. for six years now, it never got any easier. He never knew what he was going to wake up to. Once, he woke up to a flooded bathroom because the sink was torn from the wall.

Today wasn’t so bad though. The only thing to clean up in the bathroom was the spilled contents of the medicine chest. He cleaned that up and headed into the kitchen. There was a bigger mess in there.

As with Ian’s bedroom and bathroom, his kitchen and living room showed that he was a minimalist, but not necessarily by choice. A couple of the kitchen cupboards had been opened and a few items were knocked down onto the counter. One of the dining room chairs was tipped over and another was put on the table, upside-down. Inside the refrigerator, three eggs exploded, and a baby carrot punctured a hole in the almost empty milk carton. Seeing all this, Ian didn’t seem phased, like he’d seen much worse.

While Ian prepared for his day at work, he was always thankful that he spent the extra money on the coffee maker with the metal coffee pot. Even though he found the coffee pot across the living room, it was always better to find a scratched and dented metal coffee pot than a broken glass one. He quickly got the coffee brewing then he started cleaning up the rest of the mess.

Finally, Ian had his small apartment back in a presentable condition, not that he ever had any visitors to show it to, and was ready for work. Luckily it was only about half a mile to the factory from the Schoolhouse Village apartments.

Ian left his apartment and took the stairs to the main floor of the apartment complex. The walls were dark and the paint was chipped. This was one of the nicer apartment complexes in town when Ian moved in. But since then, they had a hard time keeping tenets, and the Schoolhouse Village Apartments had gained a reputation for being haunted. This caused the owner to lower his prices considerably, which was lucky for Ian as he was able to renegotiate his rent after the price drop. If the apartment owner had known that Ian was the source of the “hauntings”, he surely would not have won that negotiation.

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