Submission for the Christian Indie Writers Podcast writing prompt.

The meadow’s course grass is lush and green from the nearby brook and regular rain. Music and singing are coming from the revival tent as the children are allowed to roam and play in the safety of the secluded meadow.

The sun showed down on the giant white tent nestled in the middle of a meadow riddled with daisies and dandelions. A brook flows nearby where boys draw buckets of water for a slip and slide they brought. One of the boys fails to carry the bucket for the weight.

Whispy clouds occasionally provide temporary shade from the sun whose heat is masked by the cool morning air. On the outskirts of the meadow, squirrels and rabbits peek up from the taller grass to see what is happening and where they might steal a morsel from the many picnics that were brought by the believers attending the festivities.

At the edge of the dirt road, just barely visible from the tent, many cars, and horse buggies are parked haphazardly on both sides, allowing just enough room for another vehicle to snake its way through to pass beyond the revival to get to the farms and villages beyond.

Sarah lays in the grass that’s tall enough to hide her from view and watches the sky while listening to the music and the sound of the boys playing in the water. She had no idea that this would be the last happy day she could remember. Life grew dark after the strangers appeared, drawn from the trees by the sounds of worship and merry-making. They knew that folks like this wouldn’t be able to resist their hateful demands brought by threats of violence.

Soon, there would be shots yelling, screaming, and crying. But for now, there were just blue skies and tall grass waving back and forth around Sarah’s face. What a perfect day.

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