Writing Prompt 10-27-22

The sun showed down on the giant white tent nestled in the middle of a meadow riddled with daisies and dandelions. A brook flows nearby where boys draw buckets of water for a slip and slide they brought. One of the boys fails to carry the bucket for the weight.

Game Changer

While I spend day upon day looking for inspiration and content to write about, life seems to be like panning for gold at the water park’s lazy river. Full of distractions and never finding what I’m looking for.

Why Rory Williams Is The Man

Rory Williams is THE MAN!  I know you’re probably thinking, “Who?” And I would say you’re half right. (this is where you would hear a snare drum “rim shot” in your head.) Rory Williams is a character in the BBC television series Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Arthur Darvill. When he is introduced in the Continue Reading

The Old School Jesus

I’ve heard a lot of people justify things based on the fact that Jesus never actively condemned them. This is a lot like saying that it’s legal to push someone into a pit of rattlesnakes because the current Supreme Court never specifically said it wasn’t. Here’s something for you to think Continue Reading

The Value of Audio Books

I, like so many others, want to read more. I know the value of reading, the passing on of wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Immersing yourself in a story and losing track of time. I don’t think anybody would argue that reading is a waste of time or has no value.