Rory Williams is THE MAN! 

I know you’re probably thinking, “Who?” And I would say you’re half right. (this is where you would hear a snare drum “rim shot” in your head.) Rory Williams is a character in the BBC television series Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Arthur Darvill. When he is introduced in the show, he is the boyfriend of Amy Pond and he works as a nurse. You kind of have to watch the show to understand the dynamic between Rory and Amy, but their relationship (from his point of view) has always been that he loves Amy with every fiber of his being and he can’t understand why she is in love with him. He kind of lives his life with the constant realization that someday she will come to her senses and move on to someone else. There is an awkward lack of self-confidence in him that we can all relate to.

But that is part of what makes him The Man. He’s not John RamboJohn McClane, or Cordell Walker. He Rory Pond (that’s what The Doctor calls him), Male Nurse! He’s the guy that changes bedpans and gets pushed around by the doctors in the hospital he works at. The thing about Rory is Amy. He is a man in love. I’m talking about a man who will fight an army of mechanically enhanced cyborg killers or come back from being erased from existence to save the one person in the universe he can’t live without. He is the husband I want to be for my wife. There is nothing that will stand in his way to protect that which is dearest to him. He acts without counting the cost or considering his own well-being. He waits 2000 years for her while protecting her without a hint of recognition or acknowledgment. He is what I like to call “Gentle Strength”, that quality in a man that is reserved and loving and gentle, but when needed, he is able to come through with clarity and amazing leadership. He, in all his physical weakness, can make alien armies think twice about advancing on him. Why? Partly because of Amy, as I have explained. But that’s only a reason for his strength. What is the source?…

The Doctor! The Doctor is the “god-like” character in the television series that all of the bad guys are really afraid of. He is the one who has been defeating alien hordes for the last 900 years. He is the one with the magic blue box and the sonic screwdriver. Rory is The Doctor’s companion, his friend.

That’s where I come in. I, like Rory, am a man in love. My wife is a woman who I could not imagine living without. She is a constant blessing to me and I want to be the man who comes through for her. I probably won’t be traveling time and space with a quirky alien Time Lord, but I do have a constant companion with whom I am a representative. His name is Jesus, and he is the one that commands the fear and respect of my enemies. You may not want to believe this, but The Bible tells me clearly that we live in a world that is at war, not with physical enemies, but with supernatural ones who are hell-bent on destroying anyone who bears the image of God, and since Genesis tells us that we were all created in the image of God, that means you too.

Now, I can cower in a corner and hope that the enemy doesn’t notice me, or I can pick up my sword and invoke the name of Jesus to defend my wife and my son, and those that are lost and waiting for an awkward bumbling friend to come by and tell them that Jesus loves them, He died on a cross to set you free from sin and death, and He has a wonderful plan for your life. I want to be THAT guy.

So to sum this up, if you haven’t watched Doctor Who, I strongly suggest checking it out. Here is a link to the Amazon Instant Video page for Season 5 where Amy and Rory team up with The Doctor. If you have seen Doctor Who, I strongly suggest you go back and rewatch these episodes again, this time with a sense of who Rory really is.

Here are some really cool YouTube videos I’ve found to help show the “Bad Ass” that is Rory Williams. Enjoy.

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